Army Defense
A tower defense game where you create towers and destroy enemies.

A classic game of snake.

Language: Java.
Software Summary: This is a classic game of snake where you can navigate yourself around the map using the arrow keys. The goal is to eat as much food as you can which will in turn, increase your points. Try to beat your best score! When you lose, you have the option to play again by hitting the 'Esc' button.

A classic game of Pacman.

Language: Javascript.
Software Summary: This is a classic game of Pacman where you play as Pacman and navigate through the world using your arrow keys. Each ghost has its own unique behavior and way of chasing you, so be careful! The goal of the game is not to each as much food as possible, but rather to compete against the robot to see who can stay in the game the longest without dying. The robot (agent) was coded using a Markov Decision Process approach.